Advancing the Frontiers of Public Health and Medicine through Joint Brazil-US Initiatives

This conference has been re-scheduled to Spring 2022.

This conference is a continuation of the 2018 conferences at Yale on “Brazilian Studies in the U.S.: The Road Ahead.” One of the objectives of these events was to identify specific themes with strong potential for collaboration and development of strategic initiatives. In that context, public health and medicine, an important dimension of those conferences, have been identified as a major topic for the Council on Latin American & Iberian Studies’ focus on Brazil. 

The theme of institutionalization and collaboration of research in all areas of study will be advanced by this continuing conference that will focus on three specific areas: data science and modeling; environment and environmental health; health and human rights. Through the prior 2018 collaborative events with prominent institutions in Brazil, Yale led a dialogue, and this conference will deepen the conversations and relationships. The broader goal of this conference is to build on the groundwork created by the previous conferences and creating collaborative initiatives that explore the frontiers of public health and medicine for Brazil, the US, and beyond.

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The Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Memorial Fund

The Malcolm C. Batchelor Fund of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese